Phrases for Conversation - Low Intermediate

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Phrases for Conversation - Low Intermediate

Post by Manal Alenazi on Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:28 am

Phrases for Conversation - Low Intermediate

Conversation starters
Giving opinions
Asking for details
Asking permission
Asking for and Giving Advice
Speaking hypothetically
Discussing Sensitive Topics
Accepting and Refusing
Expressions for Description
Indirect Requests
Tag Questions

Low Intermediate - Textbook Recommendations

English KnowHow, Book 2
Expressways 2
Let's Talk 2
Impact Issues
Impact Values
Keynote Plus
New Interchange 2
New Person to Person 2
Strategies in Speaking
Let's Start Talking
New England Firsthand Plus
Tell Me More!

Low Intermediate - Quick Links

Conversation Questions (from ESL Partyland)
Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom
(from ITESL Journal)
Giving an Oral Presentation (from University of Canberra)
ESL Conversation Class
Improving Your Interviewing Skills (from HKUST)
Improving Your Speaking Skills (from HKUST)
Question Tags (from
Requesting Info. Over the Phone
(from Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Act.)
Requests (from JALT)
Requests (from Linguarama)
WH- Question Practice (from

Low Intermediate - Quizzes from The Internet TESL Journal

A Dentist Appointment (Vera Mello)
A Job Interview (Jim Schweizer)
Adjectives Ending with -ed and -ing (Douglas Gilbert)
An Invitation (Vera Mello)
Assorted Questions and Answers 1 (Vera Mello)
Assorted Questions and Answers 2 (Vera Mello)
Assorted Sentences (Vera Mello)
Dialog Reordering (Vera Mello)
Match the Sentences (Vera Mello)

Questions & Answers - Matching Quiz (Vera Mello)

Tag Questions (Barbara Donnelly)
Tag Questions (Barbara Lyons Perez)
Tag Questions Does she? Doesn't she? Did she?
(Letitia Bradley)
Tag Questions Has he? Hasn't he? Had he?
(Letitia Bradley)
Tag Questions Have you? Are you? Do you?
(Letitia Bradley)
Tag Questions With 'Be'- Matching Quiz (Vera Mello)
Tag Questions With Assorted Verbs - Matching Quiz
(Vera Mello)

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