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High Beginning

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High Beginning Empty High Beginning

Post by Manal Alenazi Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:23 am

if you open the linke all of these you will find it

High Beginning - Phrases for Conversation

Introducing others
Encouraging words
Buying and selling
American numbers and prices
Making suggestions
Making plans for the weekend (NEW!)
Asking for favors
Asking for repetition (NEW!)
Talking about abilities (NEW!)
Expressing possibility
Talking about locations (NEW!)
Asking for directions
Giving directions
Asking about place/location
Talking about travel (NEW!)
Like / would like / look like / be like
Comparing things
Questions and expressions with time
Count and non-count nouns in context
Using measure words (NEW!)
Telephone talk (NEW!)

High Beginning - Textbook Recommendations

English KnowHow, Book 1
Basics in Speaking
Expressways 1
High Impact
Let's Talk 1
New Interchange 1
New Person to Person 1
Speak Up 2
New English Firsthand
Now You're Talking!

High Beginning - Quick Links

A Chance Meeting (Dialogue from Call Cookbook)
Buying Things (from ITESL Journal)
ESL Blues Telephone Interview
Getting to Know Each Other (from ITESL Journal)
Mixed-Tense Questions (from
Nutrition Vocabulary (from WGBH online)

High Beginning - Quizzes from The Internet TESL Journal

34 Easy Questions (Charles Kelly)
Question Formation (Vera Mello)
Question Formation II (Vera Mello)
Question Formation II (Vera Mello)

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