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Pre-Intermediate Level English Listening Exercises: Meeting People

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Pre-Intermediate Level English Listening Exercises: Meeting People Empty Pre-Intermediate Level English Listening Exercises: Meeting People

Post by Nora Al-Dobaib Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:09 am

Meeting People

Before you listen. Think about what questions kinds of 'informal' conversation you have with new people you meet, then listen to the recording and choose the BEST answer to each thing you hear.

The Questians:

Hi, How's things?
Hello, my name's Kate.
Good morning, how are you today?
Lovely day, isnt it?
How was your weekend?
What did you say your name was?
Ah, How do you do?
See you later.
Sice too meet you.
Have a nice day.
Where are you from?

Choose the best answer:

1. Great. Terrible. =Great thanks. How about you?
2.Hello Kate. =Hello Kate, I'm Chris. what?
3. Terrible! =Good morning, I'm very well thank you. Good thanks.
4 =Yes, lovely. Is it? No.
5.Good. =Oh, quite nice thanks, yours? Great, I went shopping, I went to a club, I got really drunk! I had dinner with my family.
6.Are you deaf? Mikel. =I'm Mikel M.I.K.E.L.
7. =I'm well thank you, and you? I'm a lawyer. Not too bad.
8.=See you later. Bye. ok.
9.You too. Is it? =Nice to meet you too.
10.Thanks. Have a nice day too. =You too.
11.I'm Spanish. = I'm from Spain. I'm Carmen,from Spain.

The Answers:

1. Great thanks, how about you? - It is polite to ask a question back.
2.Hello Kate, I'm Chris. - It is polite to tell the person your name too.
3.Good Morning, I'm very well thank you. - This is the most formal answer to a formal question.
4.Yes, lovely. - When people want to talk about about the weather just agree, it is a way to 'break the ice.'
5.Oh, quite nice thanks. - This question is usually asked to be polite , so don't give too much information.
6. I'm Mikel M.I.k:E.L. - It helps to spell your name if your name might be unusual to a person from aonther country.
7.I'm well Thank you. - Don't confuse this question with 'How are you?' or 'What do you do?'
8. See You later. - Just echo what they say when leaving, e.g. if they say bye, you say bye and so on.
9. Nice to meet you too. - Long answers are better with people you don't know well.
10. You too. - it is nice to wish someone a nice day in return but using this short phrase is enough.
11. I'm from spain. - I'm spanish would be ok, but not really correct.

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